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Flower Pot Stones with petroglyph designs
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flower stone

These colorful pieces of natural state have been transformed into beautiful flower holders. A water reservoir containing a pin frog to hold your flowers is attached inside the reservoir.

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"Just wonderful for bringing two or three blooms from my garden into the house"  Mary C. Woodland Hills, CA

flower pot stone
butterfly flowerstone

Item #fs-31
Size: 6.6"x5.9"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: marble

2 Butterflies decorate this multicolored marble flowerstone. $26

Hawaiian turtle flowerstone

Item #fs-30
Size: 6.0"x6.0"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: marble

Hawaiian sea turtles, copied from a hawaiian petroglyph site. $25 

flowerstone with hearts

Item #fs-34
Size: 7.6"x5.8"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: marble

Interlocked hearts symbolizing an interlocked relationship. $28

flower stone dragonfly

Item #fs-59
Size: 8.5"x5.8"
Stem Hole: 1.5"
Material: slate

Two dragonflies,  from a Mimbres petroglyph near Deming, New Mexico.  $29

flopwerstone kokopelli

Item #fs-33
Size: 6.0x5.8"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: marble

3 Kokopelli fluteplayers copied from a Hohokam Culture (Phoenix, AZ area) pottery vessel.  sold

flower stone with dollar signs

Item #fs-36
Size: 5.9"x5.9"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: white marble

Dollar signs, for the practical person who knows what they want.  $25

bicycle flower stone

Item #fs-44
Size: 6.0"x6.0"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: marble

Athletic Kokopelli rides a bicycle on the multi colored marble flowerstone.  $25

wine glass flowerstone

Item #fs-43
Size: 6.5"x6.0"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: white marble

Whimsical wine loving Kokopelli dances and holds a wine glass and bottle. $29

decorative flower holder A 7/8" Stem Hole can accommodate 1-3 flowers.

A 1.25" Stem Hole can accommodate 2-4 flowers.

A 1.5" Stem Hole can accommodate 3-5 flowers.

"... and I can bring my wife a couple flowers instead of a whole bouquet and save some money..." Eddie G. Lexington, KY

"Perfect for adding a splash of color in the room"
JP Kingman, AZ

flower stone petroglyph
hohokam flower stone

Item #fs-56
Size: 7.5"x6"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
ceramic tile

Rattlesnake, copied from an image carved on a prehistoric Hohokam stone bowl excavated at Snaketown, AZ in 1935. $31

Hohokam flower stone

Item #fs-32
Size: 6.0"x5.9"
Stem Hole: 1.5"
Material: marble

Decorated staff & bighorn sheep.
These two petroglyph images are found near each other near Gila Bend, Arizona. $25

butterfly flower stone

Item #fs-35
Size: 12.0"x6.0"
Stem Hole: 2x 1.25"
Material: marble

5 butterflies decorate this double hole flowerstone.
$42 plus $12 shipping.

undecorated flowerstone

Item #fs-37
Size: 5.8"x5.8"
Stem Hole: 1.25"

Undecorated, natural colored slate flowerstone. $22

bird flowerstone

Item #fs-41
Size: 6.0"x6.0"
Stem Hole: 1.25"
Material: quartzite

Cooing birds, one bird has its beak over another birds head. From the petroglyph site at La Cieneguilla, NM. $24

Death Valley flowerstone

Item #fs-42
Size: 5.8"x5.8"
Stem Hole:  7/8"
Material: quartzite

This mysteries symbol is found at a petroglyph site in Death Valley, CA. $24

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A pin frog (one of those things with pins sticking up) is attached to the bottom of a water reservoir.

The water reservoir is attached to the bottom of the stone.

You fill the reservoir with water and push the stems of your flower into the pins.

Every day remove the stem from the pin frog, cut 1/2" off the stem, replace stem on the pin frog and top off with water.

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